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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now an integral aspect of many businesses. Businesses are attracted to AI because of how effective the technology is at improving profitability and enhancing the customer experience. To follow are a few trends in AI to be aware of in 2019:

Cyber Defense. With the creation and growing popularity of crowd infrastructure and the internet of things, companies need increased cybersecurity. Cyber defense companies are utilizing artificial intelligence to find threats before they occur and to prevent cybercriminals from infiltrating the information systems of a business. When SI is utilized in this fashion, entrepreneurs have one less thing to worry about and customers are confident that their personal information is secure.

Virtual Customer Service Assistants. AI allows companies to utilize virtual assistants to answer the most frequent questions that customers have about a product or service. This can save a business a great deal of money because the system is automated and can be personalized to greater meet the needs of each customer or client. Unlike the virtual agents of the past, advances an AI have led to the development of agents that can speak and use language consistent with the unique branding of a business.

Speech Recognition. Companies can use speech recognition to simplify the search for information. Speech recognition can be used to control devices, alarms, and electricity. Home systems such as ALEXA are proving to be a blueprint for larger systems that can be utilized in an office setting. This type of AI technology allows people to multitask in a way that is efficient and saves time.

Retail Recommendations. Artificial intelligence can utilize factors such as browsing or purchase histories to make shopping recommendations. Such recommendations can greatly improve customer experiences and increase the likelihood of repeat buying. Retail recommendations provide customers with a more personal and pleasant shopping experience.

Artificial intelligence has certainly changed the way that businesses function. In 2019 the trends above in AI will continue to shape the way companies function and how they interact with customers. AI will likely make cloud infrastructure more secure as it continues to grow in popularity. Customers will experience interactions that more personable and tailored to their buying needs. Overall, the success and profitability of a business will likely increase as a result of implementing these AI trends.