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Our daily life will finally soon be filled with artificial intelligence (AI) after decades of research and development. Currently, our life is not quite filled with AI just yet. The age of AI is just around the corner.

With the development of personal assistant apps such as Amazon Alexa and Google Now using AI to provide contextual and relevant information, the need for AI is present. AI is commonly used in the form of cognitive computing, machine learning, and more.

Below are a few enterprise technologies that are welcoming the new AI era.


Slack is rapidly gaining exposure and known today as one of the best enterprise messaging apps. This platform has a built in robot called Slackbot that provides a serious glimpse at what work will look like when AI becomes ubiquitous. Slackbot asks the user questions to build out their profile and integrate other products. Slackbot is also programmed to respond to certain comments and questions in a particular way.


This company markets themselves as the Cognitive Cloud Company by providing cloud-based cognitive computing tools that use AI. AI is being used here to provide data interpretation. It is also used to provide insights into a users business. The company offers the user a Cognitive Cloud Suite that can be optimized for organization’s domain and works in retail, customer service, and healthcare. CognitiveScale also offers its Cognitive Fabric to incorporate into existing business apps.

Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon launched a new AWS service called Amazon Machine Learning back in August 2015. The services provides predictive modeling for data. The organization has collected to help business leaders make better decisions based on that collected data. Within Amazon Machine Learning there are different tools that can be used to gain new insight from your data.


As stated on the AutoPilot website, they seek to “replace system administrators with machines” and is an automation software. The tool limits human-like decisions by automating each aspect it can throughout your IT sack.